We can't expect those in power to behave with integrity and responsibility until we have meaningful consequences.
In the lush and bountiful landscape of Georgia politics, two fledgling state legislators from the northwest have provided their constituents with a…

February 2023

The ideas expressed by Mr. Jefferson in the Declaration, expressed by Thomas Paine and Benjamin Franklin, did not last as long in the consciousness of…
Governor Intends to Uphold Yet Another Campaign Promise
The Poll tax is back: GOP county convention admission fee
What SAPA means for law-abiding citizens and the administration of justice in Georgia

January 2023

Parents aren't calling for book bans, and school boards aren't banning books. People who think that's what's happening don't understand the history and…
Contents: Speed Cameras Come to Ringgold, GA What Might An Alternative Approach Look Like? Why Oppose Speed Cameras? What About The Citations? One of…
This is not only a blatant failure by Walker County School Management but has also likely had adverse financial consequences for the district.

December 2022

Weirdly, The Cobb County Commissioners Defiance of General Assembly Makes Bipartisanship Possible
It’s always best to learn more and ignore Moore.