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I would like to know if and when Walker County repaid the $1,000,000.00 loan from the WCW&SA that Bebe Heiskell borrowed when David Askew was mgr. I have asked several of the board members this question as well as my District Commissioner Robert Stultz and no one has ever answered that question. I’m sure $1,000,000.00 would help with maybe repairing some of the infrastructure problems we are now facing.

Mr. Pierce, is there anyway you could possibly find an answer that question?

I’d also like to know why the Board Members if the Authority are now even customers of such. Why do we need someone from Chickamauga, “who doesn’t have a dog in this fight” sitting on our board. It’s no wonder our rates continue to rise and on that note, anybody looked at the convoluted rate structure used to compute the water bill? It is so complex that it takes a computer program to figure the bill. Designed that way for a reason no doubt. And why has the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners not stepped down as the Chairman of the WCW&SA Board? Perhaps if he were forced to relinquish some of his other positions of authority, we wouldn’t need a New County Manager.

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